As far back as I can remember, there’s always been a camera in my life. When I left college and started work, I took my very first paycheque to the local camera store and bought myself an Olympus. It, and subsequent replacements, travelled the world with my husband and me for several decades. In those days, photography was mostly a way of documenting our lives. However, it was the digital age that eventually transformed photography from an interest into a passion, and then into the beginnings of a career.

Over the years, through a variety of photography classes, I’ve developed a particular interest for portraits. It’s fascinating to see what the camera can reveal about the subject’s personality. Portraits come in many different forms: they can be posed or unposed in a studio, they can be candid, or they can even be action portraits, taken during sporting events and other activities. Whether I’m photographing you, your children, your grandparents or your best friend, my aim is to give you an image you’ll treasure as a true reflection of that person's inner self.

I’m originally from England, but now live on the outskirts of Montreal with my husband, our daughter, three dogs, a cat and an aquarium of assorted goldfish.